Focus Groups

Premier Focus Group Facility and Top Recruiting

Research Space

Axiom's three research suites were designed to offer the flexibility to accommodate any set-up requirement.

Our spaces are configurable for settings ranging from one-on-one interviews to casual living-room style small groups to twenty-person conference tables. 

We also offer spaces that are large enough for product displays, including furniture, appliances or building materials.

Each focus group room includes:

  • Whiteboard wall
  • Pinboard wall
  • Wall railing for displays
  • Flip chart easels

Client Space

Observation rooms are spacious and comfortable and include private wireless internet and client-controlled air conditioning. Each lounge is equipped with a closed-circuit flat-screen television, a computer workstation (with MS Office and printer) and a full-sized refrigerator.

Research Needs 

Axiom's video and audio capabilities include:

  • Digital video and audio recordings
  • DVDs and FTP downloads
  • Video conferencing and webstreaming
  • Manned video recording and fixed cameras
  • 50-inch and 42-inch HD televisions

Each suite is fully stocked with standard office supplies.  Additionally there are many office supply and technology retailers nearby, so your last-minute needs are easily filled.

Client Needs

Axiom is located in the middle of Memphis' highest concentration of Class A office space, just a short 15-minute drive from the airport. Axiom's business district is home to some of the most widely recognized names in corporate America.  As a result, there is an abundant supply of top-rated hotels nearby.  Additionally, the district includes some of the city's best dining options (ranging from fine dining to casual bistros) making it convenient for Axiom to cater restaurant meals in-house.  Plus, our own food and beverage staff is always serving up new and delicious hors d'hoeuvres, snacks and treats!