Central Location Testing

The Perfect Space and Great Respondents

Our largest room is 25' x 27' and the ideal setting for your central location test or dial test. This versatile space seats 50 participants auditorium-style or 36 participants classroom-style. The adjacent observation room seats 18-20 observers comfortably.

Axiom's spacious test kitchen, with 4 ovens, 9 microwaves, 2 full-size refrigerators, chest freezer and trained kitchen staff, makes the staging of food and beverage research efficient and hassle-free.

Our experienced team is adept at recruiting large numbers of participants for central location tests or dial tests.

The success of your project is enhanced by:

  • Wireless microphones
  • Digital video and audio recordings
  • DVDs and FTP downloads
  • Video conferencing and webstreaming
  • Manned video recording and fixed cameras
  • Wireless and wired Internet
  • 50-inch and 42-inch HD televisions
  • Flexible furniture setups