The Axiom Way
Founded in 2009, Axiom Research may be Memphis' newest research facility and field service, but our seasoned team is ready to provide all of your marketing research needs. Offering much more than a world-class facility and expert field services, with over 50 years in research experience, we know what you need.
Providing the industry's best in recruiting, facility and field services, emphasizing attention to detail and personable communication, including timely project updates. Comfort. Privacy. Confidentiality.
This is the Axiom way!

Michael Rollosson, President

Educated at the University of Pennsylvania and Rhodes College, Michael has been active in research for over 20 years. Michael is a trusted resource for research methods, panel management, and demographic and statistical analysis. He is ready to offer options to ensure your project is a success.
Carla Fray, Director
A graduate of the University of Memphis, Carla's 16 years of experience in recruiting, facilitating and field services, are just the tip of the iceberg. With a reputation for "going above and beyond," Carla listens to you and will make sure your project is handled both accurately and professionally.
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