Axiom Services

Axiom offers a complete set of services:

  • Focus Groups & IDIs
  • Central Location Tests
  • Ethnographies
  • Mock Juries
  • Product Placements
  • Field Management
  • Taste Tests
  • Intercepts
  • Focus Groups in-the-field

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Why Memphis?

Memphis' central location has led to its title as the "distribution capital" of the U.S.  Bordering Arkansas and Mississippi, the Memphis metro area contains deep pockets of urban, suburban and rural populations, enabling Axiom to recruit from diverse demographics. Memphis offers:

  • A robust business climate
  • Major medical centers/groups
  • Economic and cultural diversity
  • Three-state coverage (TN, MS, AR)

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Axiom Research, LLC.
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Memphis, Tennessee 38119

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Info [at] axiom-mr [dot] com

Focus Groups In-The-Field

Axiom manages and stages research throughout Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas when you can't find a facility in the location you need for your project.  We provide complete recruiting, project management, venue selection, on-site staffing and audio/video services.

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